Saturday, June 1, 2013

Classroom Organization at Your Local Grocery Store

Yes, you read that right. You can find classroom organization at your local grocery store it just takes some thinking outside the box. Leave it to me to turn anything into an opportunity for organizing. 

My wonderful mother-in-law works at our local grocery store and helped me score this shelf. 

It was used for a display in the store and a lot of times when the display comes down the shelf goes in the trash! Teachers of the world give a collective gasp! I know...can you believe they go in the trash?!?! Teachers are the best reusers ever, so I was all over this!

I have had this in my classroom for at least 5 years and it has made one move with me as well. You know it is pretty tough to withstand 5 years of upper elementary kids! 

I put the shelf near the door and we use it to hold community supplies that we use daily. It is wonderful! Here are a few up close pics of the shelf contents. 

Moral of this story: make friends with someone at your local grocery store STAT! The store my mother-in-law works at is a chain, but it is still very much a hometown business, so I think you may have a better chance at a place like that. 

What is the most unusual place you've acquired classroom supplies? 

I'm joining up with Fun in Room 4B and Lady Bugs Teacher Files for their Optimum Organization linky. It makes me heart so happy to know that this will now be an every Saturday event!! Yay! Head on over and link up so organizational junkies like myself can their fix! 


  1. I love it Courtney! Now I am going to head to the grocery store and see what I can find! Did you know that Target will give you their decorations that they hang up in the store? They will change out their decorations in June/July and if there is anything you want you can ask them for it!

    Carmen Zeisler

    Exploring Elementary
    Fourth Grade

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  3. I am laughing right now because I worked at a grocery store all through high school and college and was like SCORE!! every time I got a goody like this. I love your find! Thanks so much for linking up with us :)

  4. I love the color and shape of the shelf! The price is just right for a teacher's budget.

    Foreman Teaches

  5. Oh my goodness!! I can't believe they would throw that AWAY! That truly makes me want to check into that. I have been needing a good shelf for my room for storing classroom supplies. Thanks for sharing that awesome tip!!

    Miss A's Kindergarten

  6. I laughed when I saw this. I have the SAME thing, but in red. My hubby is the manager at our Dollar General and came home with it for me a few months ago. I literally jumped for joy (total nerd, I know)! LOVE IT!

  7. I love that shelf...I love the color. I think it is time to find a friend who works at a store!

    Hunter's Tales from Teaching

  8. Apparently BJ's Wholesale Club has metal shelves that things get shipped in on that they THROW AWAY. AUGH. They told me I could just drive by the back and take them if I wanted to. I have yet to go because I'm in the process of moving classrooms, but I'm going to go get some soon! (For this purpose- community supplies!)

  9. This is an amazing resource! I would have been like "score!", too. Thanks so much for linking up with us :)


    Fun in Room 4B


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