Friday, June 14, 2013

Covered in Polka Dots Classroom Decor {An Apple a Day}

I'm very excited to be linking up with Leigh from The Applicious Teacher for her Apple a Day Summer linky. The topic changes each week during the summer and I'm really looking forward to reading what other bloggers out there have to say about these topics! I like to classroom stalk...shhh...that'll be our little secret!

Last week I had my students create a brochure for the upcoming 4th graders. Check out the 4th star down on this one. Yup - that sums it all up in my room! Just in case my blog name didn't give it away! 

Even though I wasn't blogging last year I was hooked on Pinterest, so I tried a lot of new decor ideas for my room and even took some pictures. 

Here is the view into my room from the door. I am fortunate to have a room with a window (but the view is a cemetery-yikes)! 

I love a horse shoe shape seating arrangement...especially in the beginning of the year. I have very easy access to all my students and I feel like we are all closer together for talks. 

This pennant banner was my biggest decor project of the year and I LOVE it! It turned out great and really brings a lot of color into my classroom. 

I kept the banner theme going on my desk. I used the green and white polka dot border for the two bulletin boards in my room. 

Birthday Board - I'd already posted about this one but at least you can see it on the wall here. 

All the Pinterest ideas I could cram into one area! LOL This year I will be doing lunchbox and tray ribbons again, but I'm going to revamp the calendar. The four papers bordered with polka dots are page protectors with daily homework sheets in them. We never really used them because I had to write too small for the kids to see them from their seats. 

Library and supply shelf. 

New wreath I made last year and the adorable "When You Enter This Classroom" that was floating around on Pinterest last year. This picture had me confused for a second - I used green border with dots this year - so this picture was taken on the first day I worked last summer before I switched out borders! 

The wreath deserves its own shot because this thing took forEVER!! Don't start this project unless you have a lot of time and an unlimited supply of ribbon! I love the finished product though!

Cute welcome sign over the door and the worst iphone picture in the world! 

That's what I did last year and here are a few things I'd like to do this year:

1. Use the foam insulation to create a few bulletin boards. 
2. Come up with a storage/display idea for anchor charts from 3 different ELA classes. 
3. Get a new rug. 
4. Repurpose the calendar bulletin board pictured above. My students don't use the calendar the way I had intended so I think I can do better with that space. 


  1. I love your penant over your windows. I did a spring penant but am going to do one for the whole year like yours for next year, thanks for the idea!

    Looking From Third to Fourth

  2. I love the pennant in front of the windows. Perfect placement for a pop of color. :)
    Creating Lifelong Learners

  3. Your wreath turned out really cute! (Even if it did take awhile to make)

  4. I love your ideas. It's perfect for my home in apartment for rent chicago. By the way, I've been following your blog for quite some time. Keep it up!


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