Saturday, September 28, 2013

Comfy Reading {Spark Student Motivation}

Good Saturday morning! It is a beautiful fall day here in Virginia and I'm so looking forward to getting out and enjoying it. Before I head out I wanted to stop in with a quick post on what has really been motivation my students this week! I'm linking up with Joanne from Head Over Heels for Teaching

This week I finally took the plunge and allowed my students to lay all over the classroom on pillows and rugs during our read to self time. 

I have been hoarding pillows for this very reason for several years, but I've never been brave enough to let my students actually do it. It sounds silly to me even typing it, but I just wasn't sure they would actually continue to read if they were spread all around the room. 

On Tuesday I had a group that finally worked up to 20 minutes of read to self, so I threw caution to the wind and got out the pillows. I was thrilled to see they were still reading and seemed to be even more into it than before. 

We've been rotating with the comfy reading spaces - one half of the class one day and the other half the next. I also have a cool green chair and two rugs that are being used as comfy reading spots as well. 

This was really the motivation my students needed to really spark their interest in read to self. I hadn't really heard much from my students about reading time until I pulled the pillows out. The day after I got them out I had several students ask me if we were going to silent read today. When I said it was time to read I heard a lot of really positive feedback. 

I'm sold on the idea of letting them get comfy and lay around the room while they read. If you're on the fence definitely give it a try! 

Do you have reading nooks and comfy places your students use during read to self? Any tips for making it even better? 


  1. That was smart to save pillows over time! I've been thinking of getting a few for my kids.

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  2. Love that you introduce pillows once they can handle independent reading. I am on the look out for new comfy reading areas - thinking of a bean bag - then I think of the potential mess : )

  3. I have always been a read all over the room kind of gal. I haven't let this group do it yet for fear of them getting off task. You have inspired me to get out the pillows, stuffed animals and blankets and let them get to it. I have always had to make the rule though that they cannot sit or lay next to someone while they are doing their reading. Too much temptation to do nothing or talk. I take it your a daily five classroom? how much training do you have to do with your kids before you turn them loose?

  4. Courtney, you know I have to high heels chairs for my reading area!!! hehe
    I, too, have them build up before I introduce the "fun" seating area! My book nooks are on my list to share for Spark Student Motivation-maybe I'll do it next week! :O) I use a chart with clothespins to keep track of who sits where during independent reading. And, these pillows and seats are very MOTIVATING! Thanks so much for sharing and linking up friend!
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  5. I let my kiddos read all over the room during Reading Workshop. I have a small class this year, so I have enough pillows or blankets for every child to have one. Some pillows are better than others, but I remind them that something is better than nothing!

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