Friday, September 27, 2013

Ag Field Day {Five for Friday}

Wow!! What a whirlwind of a week. It was Homecoming week and, yes, we participate in every dress up day! Wednesday was aptly named wild and crazy day! 
Thursday we went on our first field trip to an agricultural center for an Ag Field Day with 4H. We had a blast and I even remembered my camera so I've got some pics to share with you all for my Five for Friday with Doodle Bug's Teaching

1. The horticulture table had some great displays and offered some amazing facts! I really want to go visit these ladies' gardens!! They were a wealth of knowledge and I bet their own gardens are gorgeous. 

2. We played Bug Jeopardy. I learned so much at this station! Did you know the bug in picture #1 is actually a ladybug larvae? 

3. About an hour into the field trip I had a little guy come to me and say, "Aren't we going to go on a hay ride or pet some animals or something?" We just hadn't been to an area where they could get a peek at all the animals. 

There was also a cow and calf, sheep, and goats. Unfortunately, my pictures of those didn't turn out so great. 

4. There was a great display on soil, rocks, and soil erosion. 

5. These babies were the highlight of the trip for me. These are Springer Spaniel therapy dogs. Oh was love at first sight. 

Can you imagine how excited I was when the owner asked me to hold them while he talked to my students? It was a major distraction for me!! haha

6. You get a bonus today!! I got the best surprise ever when I ran right into my BFF who teaches 4th grade in the next county over. I was so thrilled!! Since we no longer teach at the same school I don't get to see her as often as I'd like to. 

Needless to say the trip exhausted us. After lunch they were all tired and ready to go back to school!! They must not have rested much at home last night because we had a pretty tough day today. About 10 minutes into recess today I had someone come ask me how much longer it would be until we could go back inside - a true sign of a need for the weekend! 

How was your week?  

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  1. That looks like so much fun! I would love to see the therapy dogs up close and personal - hold them?! I'd be distracted too! I'm such an animal lover!

    Looks like an amazing week to me :)

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