Monday, May 27, 2013

Summer Bucket List and a $1 Monday Must Have {A Linky}

You're getting double for your money on this post! I'm going to squeeze in two fab linky parties! 

First up is my Summer Bucket List! Since it is the unofficial start to summer (and I'm really wishing mine was already here) I thought I'd link up with A Cupcake for the Teacher.

1. Sewing I have a stack of hand me down jeans just waiting for some TLC and I plan to turn them into a nice big denim quilt! I also have a few other little projects I'd like to do. Isn't it just nice to have time to create?
2. Start a TPT Store. I've got some products in the works, but I've not had enough time to get it all together and open! 

3. Reading. I have a huge list for both professional and personal reading. I'll have to really work hard at narrowing down the professional list! I also plan to reread An Echo in the Bone because the next book in the Outlander series comes out in December!! If you are looking for a great summer read I would highly recommend Diana Galabdon's Outlander series - wow!! {I love those books...just in case all the exclamation points didn't give it away.}

4. My most exciting personal project this summer will be a community-wide summer food program one of my BFFs and I have put together. There will be 9 churches from our community working together to provide food for kids who are in need over the summer. Our first food delivery date will be June 10!! It has been a long labor of love and I'm looking forward to seeing the idea become a reality! 

5. Summer stuff - sitting on the porch, horse shows, catfishing, fires, corn hole...just good 'ole country summer time fun!  

And as I was doing a little organizing today I thought of an idea to share For Must Have Monday with Sabra over at Teaching With a Touch of Twang.

The last few times I've been in the Dollar Tree I've picked up a few of these mesh bags with a zipper and I'm loving them! They are a great size and hold a surprising amount of stuff!

Here it is in action holding my glue gun, the cord, and some extra sticks of glue! I'm loving that I've finally got it all together in one container instead of those sticks rolling around the bottom of my desk drawer! I've got this baby standing up in my desk drawer along with another full of all my supplies to hang things with - magnets, double sided tape, command strips, and packing tape. 

Here is another action shot. This one shows two pouches (red and black) inside hanging file folders. One pouch is holding game pieces for reading and the other has pieces for Social Studies. I'm loving that these will stand up so easily! 

I have a few more of the pouches on standby for my next organizing project. Any ideas on how to use them? 


  1. Courtney, I don't know about those pouches! I was just at Dollar Tree today (they ask me if I've clocked in I frequent the store so much!), but of course I can go back if you tell me what department! haha
    I love your food project for the summer-so sweet and thoughtful! So rewarding for all of you!
    Head Over Heels For Teaching

  2. I love the idea of mesh bags! So much easier to see where things are quickly. Thanks for the great idea.

    Love, Laughter and Learning in Prep!

  3. Great idea for the mesh bags! I hadn't every really thought about using them for anything other than kid's school supplies! Great idea!!

    Your country summer sounds fun!
    Collaboration Cuties

  4. Thank you for the idea of the mesh bags. I miss sewing so much, quilting in fact.

    I have a giveaway for some educational dvds. Feel free to stop by if you are interested.

  5. Girl you are one busy lady! I am beyond impressed and very moved and inspired by your summer food program, I love it! I also love those mesh bags! I didn't see them at my Dollar Tree but believe me I will be back to scour the isles, lol. I never thought to put all the little supplies in there! When I get back into the room tomorrow I'll have to see if I can come up with any other ideas... Thanks for sharing and linking up!

    Teaching with a Touch of Twang

  6. Holy cow girlie. 2 Linkys in one post?! That's dedication. ;) I love seeing new organizational ideas so thanks for posting about the mesh bags. And as for a summer bucket list, creating my own TPT is a summer goal for me as well. Great minds think alike eh?

    In response to your comment on my page:
    Yes there are lots of changes on the way for me. I'm creating a post on my first 72 hours of being home in Indiana. I will give you a sneak preview... it involves a surprise party and possibly buying a brand new car.

    Thanks for stopping by.

    Miss Wilson
    Twenty-Something Teacher Tales

  7. Wow! What a summer of FUN you have planned! I'm an avid reader, and so, I think as soon as I'm done with the book I'm reading I'll look into your Outlander Series. I hope it's on Kindle! :0) Thanks so much for sharing your adventures! :) Good luck with your new TPT store! What an adventure...but SO WORTH EVERY MINUTE!! :)


    Mrs.Russell's Room
    First Grade


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