Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Tried it Tuesday {MobyMax}

It's Spring Break week, so I'm getting to link up extra early with Holly at Fourth Grade Flipper for her Tried it Tuesday linky party! Yay!

I'd been hearing a lot of buzz about MobyMax so last week I decided to give it a try.
Like others had said, it was very easy to use. Setting up my class was quick and I had my students logged in and pretesting within a matter of minutes. I even did this part without watching all of the tutorial. I know...instructions first, but sometimes you just gotta jump in and get your feet wet first.

My favorite part about the whole program? IT READS TO THE STUDENTS!!! This is huge for me since I work in a collaborative classroom and have special ed students who need to be read to. It gives the kids a sense of independence they don't often get and it free me up to monitor and help other students. 
I was able to get all of my students tested in a window of about 40 minutes. The results seem to be pretty much in line with what I see daily in the classroom. 
I like the idea that someone else is generating the vocabulary words my students study. Not that I mind coming up with words to study, but sometimes I get stuck in a rut and I think its good for my kids to see material generated from other sources. 
I like that the practice is self-guided and generated by the program, but I also have the option to assign words and lessons if I want.

I'm thinking I'd like to have my students use this program during our vocabulary station and one day a week in the computer lab. 
Now I have some questions for MobyMax veteran users out there: 
1. Have your students made improvements? Do you think this is a worthwhile use of your time? 
2. When/how did you integrate the program into your classroom and how much time do you devote to it? 
I'd love to hear anything you have to share about the program. So far I like what I've seen but its always helpful hear from others who have some experience too! 


  1. Hi Courtney!

    Thanks for blogging about us! We're glad to hear you like MobyMax. Read aloud is great, huh?

    If you have more questions, feel free to call us at 888-793-8331, or email support@mobymax.com. We're happy to help.

  2. That is SO cool that you have a comment from Moby Max!! I have never used this but I need to check it out! Thank you so much for linking up and sharing your expertise, Courtney:)
    Fourth Grade Flipper

  3. So glad to have found another 4th grade blog! I am your newest follower! I will have to check out this MobyMax!

  4. Interesting! We subscribe to a program called MyOn, but I'm wondering if this is better. Keep us updated!


  5. I hadn't heard of this website before but will CERTAINLY be checking it out! I work in a classroom with students who need text to be read to them and definitely relate to you talking about how it's so exciting to have them be independent in their learning. Thanks for the great share!

    Polka Dots & Teaching Tots


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