Sunday, March 31, 2013

Anticipating the Month Ahead {April}

I'm excited to be joining up with Jessica at Literacy Sparks for her first linky party! I'm always looking ahead and planning..what teacher isn't really? 

Here are the rules: 

  • Share one thing you are looking forward to during the month of April.
  • Share one thing you are dreading during the month of April.
  • Share one thing that you hope to accomplish during the month of April.

And here is what I'm anticipating for the month of April...

Looking forward to Spring Break this week! A really nice way to start the month. 

Dreading the start of "testing season". 

Hoping to accomplish successful small group and station review session for both Social Studies and reading. 


  1. Thanks for linking up! I hope you enjoy your Spring Break! I wish I could have mine again....

    Literacy Spark

  2. Oh, I'm dreading the same thing! Hopefully it's over quickly!



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