Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Tame the Paper Monster: Part 3 Clearing Your Desk

This was a hard post to think of a title for....the best thing I could say to describe this post? What to do with all the papers you want off your desk but don't have time to deal with right now! 

Enter more baskets from Really Good Stuff. You didn't really think I was finished with using baskets did you? 

This is a shot of the book case located right behind my desk. 

Now let me take you on an in depth tour of the mysteries and magic these three baskets hold....hehe

First up we have the graded papers basket. 

As soon as I grade a set of papers they go straight into this basket. Then when I have the time (and sanity) to put them into our online system I have them all handy. 

Next up we've got the "to file" basket.

This is where all my originals go after I make copies. Anything I plan on filing for later use I just stick in this basket. {Confession: I cleaned out the basket before I took the pictures, but it was full!}  

This method is just the easiest way for me to keep up on separating worksheets, plans, foldables, and ideas into separate files in a filing cabinet. On most days I have no time to spare for filing. I can just throw stuff in this basket and then set aside 30 minutes one day and get it all sorted out and in its proper place. 

The last basket on this shelf is a new idea I've tried this year. This basket is for upcoming lessons. 

I've been using this basket to hold lessons and ideas for units that I know are coming up in the next couple weeks. This one holds printables, foldables, leveled readers, read alouds, and anything else I'd like to use soon. Its a great way to keep all that material together and still off my desk. When I start planning this is the first place I look to see what little treasures I've gathered up! 

As we love to say in the south, Bless Your Heart for reading this post full of pictures of nothing but baskets! In the next installment of the series we'll be using something slightly more exciting than a basket....but when you are an organization nerd lover what could be more exciting than a basket? 

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  1. I love baskets too. In fact we should have a linky just about pictures of baskets in our rooms!


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