Monday, April 8, 2013

Graffiti Review Game

Just wanted to take a minutes to share a quick activity I used during my social studies class today. 
Have I mentioned that I have a really challenging class this year? One group of my 4th graders has a very difficult time retaining social studies information and since we are nearing testing time, I am always looking for a fun, different way to review. You can expect to read about many social studies review ideas in the coming weeks. 
The idea to use this graffiti style review game came to me while I was working with a small group of 6 students. I had already created a paper with 6 boxes, each labeled with one of the people we were studying. After a lot of review, I had the students sit in a circle with a clipboard and their blank sheet. When I said "go" they each wrote one fact on their paper. After everyone had written one they passed their papers on to the left and wrote a different fact on the new sheet they had. My kiddos couldn't write fast enough - they were really into this review activity! 

Because it was a small group we went around the circle twice. After two trips around the circle, students read over their papers and double checked any information they found suspicious. When the game was over it was really easy for the students to see which areas the group needed more practice on. 
It just so happened that I had already created papers that worked perfect for this activity, but it would work just as well to have students fold their own papers and draw a grid themselves. This would be a great time filler if you have an extra few minutes at the end of the class. 
 Anyone use this game in your classroom? Any other ideas of how it could be used? 


  1. Great idea!! I have not used this exactly before!! I know the time factor and the competitive factor also help push them along!!

    Collaboration Cuties

  2. I haven't used this but definitely will in the future. Thanks for sharing! :)

    Do y'all have a state test that includes social studies? We don't in Alabama-currently. :)


  3. LOVE this idea! I want to try this type of activity with reading. Maybe have students jot down different things they remember from a nonfiction text. Thanks for sharing. I'm a new follower! :)


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