Friday, April 12, 2013

Oreo Moon Phases, Personal Spelling Dictionaries, Bottle Rockets, and a Government Foldable {Five for Friday}

I made it through the week after Spring Break and it wasn't too bad. We had a very productive week and I'm linking up with Doodle Bugs Teaching's Five for Friday to give you a recap!

1. We have been working on the moon phases and had some fun with Oreos. The kiddos loved it!

2. I was finally able to track down some small, durable address books at the Dollar Tree. I gave these to a few students who are significantly below grade level and struggle with spelling. These students are always asking for help spelling during our writing time and I am hoping these personal spelling dictionaries will help them be more independent. As of now, I am using these as a personal word wall - when the student asks me how to spell a word I help them record it in the address book so its there for future use. There is a certain novelty in these books that a regular notebook doesn't have, so that is working in my favor right now!

3. Every month we get a visit from our 4H Extension Agent. He always has a fun project for us to work on and this month was no exception. We started working on bottle rockets that we'll be launching next month. I'll keep you updated on how this goes - we are really excited about it! 

4. We began studying the 3 Branches of Virginia's Government this week and created this foldable. 

5. I love snail mail and this week I got a wonderful surprise in the mail! I won this Flip Flip Foot Repair from Run! Mrs. Nelson's Got the Camera. Yay!! It feels oh so good and the smell is great too. The temperature has been in the 70s all week, so its definitely time to break out the flip flops!

What have you been up to this week? 


  1. I love the Oreo moon phases! Such a cute idea. I use Oreo's when I teach my students about tectonic plate movement. I wish it was warm enough here for flip-flops!
    Hunter's Tales from Teaching


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