Thursday, January 23, 2014

It's Recess Time!!! {Trending Topics Linky}

I'm loving this new linky party from Jessica at Literacy Spark. Each week the topic is different and this week it is all about recess! I just knew I had to link up because some days I'm living for recess! haha 

Our recess is scheduled for us and is from 2:00 - 2:25 every day. Right after recess we have resource and then dismissal, so if I can make it until 2:00 every afternoon I am good to go! 

We have a very nice playground outside with a grassy area and a lot of playground equipment as well. If the weather is nice we are out! I am just wimpy and don't like the cold so it has to be in the 40's before I will go out. 

I do sometimes take 5-10 minutes of recess from students for their behavior throughout the day, but it has to be extreme circumstances for me to take more than that. By that point in the day they have had all their academic instruction and they need to move and get some of that energy out! 

Inside recess is not my favorite thing in the world, but I'm working on some things to make it better. We occasionally play board games, card games, and puzzles I have collected over the years. This year my kiddos love to watch movies, so we do that quite often. I have a subscription to Amazon Prime, so I stream videos on the SmartBoard. 

Episodes of Arthur seem to be the most popular right now. They are just the right length for our recess time and the kids are always very engaged. I'm happy with a little character education during recess! 

Last week we tried a very simple art project for recess and that went really well, so I think I'll try to find some more simple things we can complete over a day or two. 

I've started a Pinterest board of ideas for inside recess. If you'd like to take a look you can click on the image below! 

What is your recess like? Head over to Jessica's blog to link up and share! 

What is your favorite inside recess activity? 


  1. Hi Courtney,

    Thanks for linking up! I love how your recess is at the end of the day. Our is right in the middle, so it's hard for the kids to settle back down afterwards. Thank you for sharing your pinterest board! I need to find some more productive indoor activities as well, it's just hard with 40 kids at once.

    Literacy Spark

  2. I am definitely getting tired of indoor recess. The kids could really use some time to run around! I am now following you on Pinterest!

    Eclectic Educating


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