Thursday, July 31, 2014

An App to Help Level Your Library

Hey, everyone! Today was our first official teacher workday, so the crazy back to school rush is in full swing around here.  I wanted to do a quick post to share about a new app I discovered to help level my classroom library. 

The app is called BookScanner and it's name says it all - it scans books! 

I downloaded it in a moment of desperation in my classroom last week when I had a huge pile of books to level and very little time. I was really pleased at how well it worked!

Just click the Scan Barcode at the bottom of the app, hold your phone's camera over the barcode and listen for the beep. I'm not gonna lie, I was channeling my inner librarian with all the scanning! 

Here is a screen shot of the info you get when you scan a book. We use AR at my school, so I like to level my books by AR level and this was so much faster than typing them all in the AR site. 

I also like that I can scan books at the library or out at garage sales to get a detailed run down of the book's level. 

Have you tried this app? Do you have a book scanning app you like to use? 

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