Friday, April 25, 2014

Five Favorite Test Prep Tools {Five for Friday}

Testing season is upon us. I don't give my test until May 27, but we've already started preparing. I thought I'd link up with Doodble Bugs Teaching to share 5 of my favorite test prep tools. 

Task cards are my favorite way to review. There are so many ways to change up the way you use them and it gets everyone involved!

I have found this workbook to be a very help tool. It has some great example questions that seem to really align with what our SOL test looks like. The lessons in this book are leveled, so each skill has three different lessons with varying abilities. 

White boards make anything better!! 

Have you heard about this great site called Starrmatica? It is a paid site, but it has some great practice. My school just purchased a license that runs all the way through next July and I'm so excited about getting to use this in the classroom. It's nice for the kids to be able to hear and experience the material in a new, fun way. 

Right now I am mainly using the site during after school tutoring. 

Some days there are no other ways around it. I have to stand in front of the class and discuss multiple choice questions. Boring. People are falling asleep. A few weeks ago I wrote about how using these answer cards made it a little more interactive for the kids. I decided it was time to jazz up the cards a little bit too. You can click here or on the picture above to download a set. They will be free until Monday morning!! 

What are some of your favorite test prep materials? 


  1. I love Starmatica!! We have a Technology training in the summer here in Franklin County (It's FREE! You should come!) and Starmatica presented a few years ago, and have been back each year. I would LOVE to have a subscription! We have iXL - it's a great site, but I love that the creator of Starmatica is a VA girl!

  2. How cute are those white boards? My white boards are jealous. I love using task cards too. I pulled them all back out from all of the ones we have used throughout the year to help review. It really seemed to help!
    Rockin' and Lovin' Learnin'


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