Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Guided Reading Area Tour

Hi everyone! I changed up my Guided Reading area and thought I'd share a few pictures with you. Since I'll only be teaching ELA this year I knew I needed to revamp where I meet with my groups and make sure the space was comfy and had everything we would need!

Here is the new location. The grey cabinets on the left house my leveled readers. The blue hanging file folder will help keep my materials for each group/individual organized. 

This book shelf helps keep all of my materials at hand. The top shelf holds books for read alouds and games. The middle shelf has task cards, flash cards, and dry erase boards. The bottom has our leveled vocabulary readers and reference materials for our small group. 

Now, I need some help from you guys! I'm wondering what to do with that blank wall behind the table? I'm thinking maybe a whiteboard? What would you suggest? 

I'll be storing anchor charts in a different place in the room, so I'm not sure I'd want to leave the space free for those. However, I am willing to wait. I don't have a problem at all with blank wall space at the beginning of the year. I always tell my students to take a look at all that space because THEY are going to help me fill it up! 


  1. We have the same table and I use tennis balls on our chairs too. ;)
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  2. What about leaving it open for a G.R. word wall? That way you can change it up and keep it fresh! You could stick some contact paper to the wall to build your own mini bulletin board! I did that a few years back and it worked great! (It was on a brick wall too!)

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  3. I like the idea of having a white board above or at table level - it'd be great to write one during small groups! I know often I bring a small one over because I don't have a wall near my small group table due to the set up of my room. I'm jealous that you can fit so many chairs at the table! Our chairs are huge - we SQUEEZE and SQUISH to get out reading groups in there. Usually, I have to migrate from desk group to desk group during book clubs.

    Looks great so far,

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  4. Hi Courtney! It looks great! I am super excited to be your newest follower because I am also a VA fourth grade teacher!!!

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    1. Caitlyn, I'm so excited to find another 4th grade VA blogger! I squealed when I read your message and I got some crazy looks from my husband!
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