Friday, August 22, 2014

Getting in the First Grade Groove {Five for Friday}

Fri-DAY!! Don't ya just love Fridays? Of course this one was busy, busy because I've been back to my over planning ways and we were trying to finish up everything this afternoon! 

I'm linking up with Doodle Bugs Teaching to share some randomness from our week! 

Did you shop any this week during the TPT Boost sale? I did a little too much shopping! Don't tell my husband...sshhh! 

I bought this Math Journal set from Jessica Hursh - The Teacher Talk. I was a little apprehensive about interactive notebooks in first grade, but after trying a few of these activities I'm sold and the kids are too. I wish I could've recorded all those sweet little voices counting away! 

We added some marshmallows just for fun. Mini marshmallows make math better! My kiddos aren't so happy about math, so I'm working on playing it up and hoping to change those ideas. 

Here is one of my favorite TPT finds for first grade - Daily Quick Math from my VA girl, Alisa at FirstGradeFunTimes. We started using them this week and my kids loved them!! The foldable style was very appealing to my kiddos and when we finished them today everyone wanted to know if we'd have another one next week! 

Alisa also has Daily Quick Writes made in this style and those were just right for our morning warm up! Check 'em out! 

These pictures are actually from last that cheating on Five for Friday? They are so fun I just had to share! 

We did a study on Fairy Tales and for these masterpieces we talked about the setting of the story, then drew it, and added in the characters. 

Cheater, cheater, pumpkin eater! I'm doing it again! 

Retelling the Three Billy Goats Gruff was by far my kiddos favorite activity! I had so much fun with it too because I got to eaves drop on all those cuties trip trapping with their partners! 

The Dollar Tree is my new best friend. I'd shopped it before for supplies, but now I dig through all the cards and supplies there searching for things I can add to my arsenal. I turned this Pooh card game into a whole class number match up - a nice fix for the Friday afternoon wiggles! 

What are some of your favorite Dollar Tree finds? What do I need to put on my shopping list? 


  1. I buy play-dough from the dollar store and scissors. I found larger scissors there this summer and for fifth grade hands I needed that! And, of course, I buy tubs and bins....can't get enough containers!
    Teachers Are Terrific!

  2. I saw your comment on my blog ( Friendly Froggies ) and loved that you prefer games to worksheets! I'm the same way! Of course we have to have some pencil paper practice, but there's so much more we can give our kiddos! Thanks for sharing the interactive notebook idea from above!


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